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 A Mostly True Story

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PostSubject: A Mostly True Story   Tue Sep 21, 2010 6:40 am

From Computer Idiot to Somewhat Literate
(A Mostly True Story)

My computer illiteratecy was strong and I wore it like a badge of honor. I enjoyed being one of the few who never sent an email before. Lots of people would say to me “You need to get with the technology of today” they don’t know I am trying to catch up with the 80s.
Maybe ill get a pager. “Just kidding” I actually had one in I think it was in around 1997. I finely gave in and got a pager. “It is good for business” people would say. Well a few weeks into this pager fiasco the damn thing going off all the time and always on a jobsite or stuck in traffic with no phone in sight. It could drive a man to drink………….
The problem I had with that was the extra beer would blow my budget. The only good thing I can tell you about pagers is if you take the belt clip off first you can skip that thing all the way across the pond.

I got a cell phone round about the middle of 1999 lots of money for not many minutes it was cutting against my grain pretty bad. But I saw the possibility of making more money by being (In Touch) so I reluctantly embraced this technology. This about face in my beliefs was unsettling and I should have seen Murphy standing there because I walked right into him and his law. That night on the news was a special report on Y2K. All the computers crashing, the world in anarchy, technology biting us all in the but. I knew it………….
IIIIIIIIIIII knew it. I have avoided technology all my life and now as soon as I accept it the world is going into an inevitable tail spin. I am sure it all started with my cell phone purchase. Oh yeah, Its my fault you see I am a sheet rocker and everything is the sheet rockers fault, World war 2 and the Lindbergh baby , Yeah that was me!

I remember New Years Eve 2000 it’s the only one I did not go out. I was ready my friends ,ready for anything----- bottled water and caned goods stacked thigh high , a few booby traps in the back yard (to slow down attacks from the south) a hunting chair facing the front door,
(Surly they will start there) dressed in full camo- side arm and shotgun sitting in that chair
Big dog by my side and we were ready. Drinking coffee all night waiting for the first wave of attacks to burst thru the front door!

I remember waking to the sound of birds chirping joyfully. I could tell I had been sleeping for about 4 hours on account of the size and pattern of the slobber stain on my shirt. (I learned it on CSI the slobber stain episode)

As you well know Y2K did not happen all was fine aside from a caffeine headache that could split granite. From that day to present I have had a cell phone and they have served me well for the most part. And 10 years later my phone makes and receives calls and that’s it just like god intended it to do. To be honest with you I find it quite humorous that the new iphone does everything…………..but make a phone call. Much to my wife’s dismay. (Which I also find funny) Sometime around 2007 my wife set up a email account for me. I am not sure why because at the time I literally did not know how to turn the damn computer on much less work it. Back then if you wanted to send me an email you would first send the email then you would need to call me and say “I sent you an email”. Then I would have to go home after work and do something nice like cook dinner so the wife had enough time to work the complicated equipment necessary to check email…………
Well I didn’t know then what I think I know now. I recently forced myself to learn because we decided our hunting organization could help a lot more people if we got on the ( interweb) one of our board members happens to be a computer guy so a website was built and our club is getting bigger and I am getting better, Not only can I check and receive email, Just the other day I cut and pasted something. Look out world here we come.
Jeff Jeter
President Texas Cull Hunters Association
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A Mostly True Story
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